How does it work?

Step 1: Register for an account with LCD Buyback

Step 2: Complete an order and we will arrange a free collection of your LCD’s via DPD.

Step 3: Once your order has been received we will check the cracked LCDs (we test them with original phones) and send you a report by e-mail.

Step 4: After you consent to the report, we will transfer the amount due to your account (within 3 business days).

Is there a minimum quantity?

We require a minimum quantity of 50 LCDs

I am not in the UK, can I still sell to you?

Yes you can, we offer free collection anywhere in Europe

I am VAT registered, can I reclaim the VAT of the sale?

Add your VAT number to registration and we will automatically add VAT to your self-bill invoice to us.

What payment methods do you offer?

UK and International Bank Transfers and PayPal.

Will I need to pay a return fee if I reject my quote?

There will be a fee of £1.00 per LCD that you would like returned.

How does your grading work?

Good LCD - The glass can be broken as long as the LCD and digitiser itself are fully functioning.

Bad LCD - No display or any lines, spots, discolouration or pink halo effects on the screen.

Scrap LCD - If any of the connectors are broken or there is a significant amount of the shell missing.

Copy LCD - Screens that are not original from Apple.

Do I have a time period of when I need to accept my offer by?

You will have 3 days to accept or decline the offer before it is automatically processed.

What model LCD’s do you buy back?

Samsung, iPhone and iPads.

Do you buy fully broken LCD's or high copy?

Yes we do but this must not make up any more than 25% of your order. Any orders found to have more than 25% high copy or broken LCD's will not be eligible for payment and there will be a charge to return the LCD's.